CELabs MP700 - Firmware Update Instructions_10.31.16

Update procedure:

1. You need a USB drive loaded with the firmware update folders: HTML and MP7XXConfig. Inside the HTML folder are the following files:


Inside the MP7XXConfig folder is the following file:


2. The MP700 should be powered down, the old SD card installed, and the update USB inserted into a USB port on the MP700. Note: this will not work if the new SanDisk Extreme SD U/I card is installed.

3. Power on the MP700. After a boot up, you will see a Firmware update screen on the TV. The files are copied

Automatically and the update begins:


4. When you see the message that says the version is ready, remove the USB drive from the MP700 and the unit will automatically reboot and process the copied files. Note: If you leave the USB thumb drive inserted, the unit will reload the update file again. It must be removed in order to continue the process.



5. After several minutes, the MP700 will reboot one more time and the update is complete. At this point the files should be playing on the old SD card.

6. Remove the old SD card and insert the SanDisk SDHC U/I card with the new content. Verify it will play automatically after a reboot.

7. Done.

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