AMG - Video Wall - Diagnosing the Touch Screen


SYMPTOM: PC on but no picture

Check the video cable connections.

The receiver in the pedestal looks like this:


There is a power light, a link light, and a Signal light (not on in this pic)

At the rack, the sending device is here:




SYMPTOM: PC on, content on screen, but no touch response

Check the USB device in the pedestal and at the rack

The device looks like this:


Check power and link lights are on. There is a sending unit in the pedestal and receiving unit in the rack.


 SYMPTOM: PC appears off in LMI and Dashboard.


This is the PC that controls the video wall touch screen


 Make sure the power light is on (blue arrow). If not, press the power button (red arrow).


This is the back of the controller. If on the network, the right side light on the network port should be green.


 This is the switch in the rack, viewed from the rear of the rack.

 All devices should have a corresponding light to its matching port number on the right. The controller on this rack is plugged into port 9, and you can see that #9 is light up showing a good connection.




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    Spencer Knisely

    Are tools needed for accessing the equipment in the pedestal or are these doors and drawers?

  • Avatar
    Mark Pavlish

    There are 4 screws to remove from an access panel to get inside