AMG - Video Wall - Control Panel Operation

All the important control functions for your Powerwall can be accessed at the wall-mounted control panel.




The power control for your Powerwall is on the control panel.  The top two buttons on the left of the control panel are "System On" and "System Off".  These will correctly power on/off all devices in the proper sequence when shutting down the dealership to close for the night, or opening the dealership in the morning.



The volume for your Powerwall is controlled in two places.  The MAXIMUM volumes are set by you, the dealer, using the volume knob on the control panel (shown above).

The Powerwall audio volume can be adjusted by customers through the volume slider on the pedestal touchscreen (shown below) but will never exceed the max volume level set by the control panel volume knob (pictured above).


If customers are able to turn the volume up from the touchscreen to a point that is too loud, simply adjust the master volume down on the wall control panel.  If customers are unable to get enough volume using the touchscreen control, adjust the wall control panel up slightly to allow more volume at maximum.



This button on the far right, top row, will override customer adjustments and prevent any audio from being heard from the demo regardless how the volume slider on the touchscreen is set by the customer.



Occasionally screens in the wall may wander from their proper input settings.  Pushing the 'RECALL' button will cause ALL the screens in the experience to set themselves back to the correct (HDMI) input.



Many of the unusual behaviors that a Powerwall may present can be solved by hitting the 'RESET' button.  This button is a master control that runs routines and reboots on equipment in the system to make sure that all components are set correctly and performing their function.  This can be a quick fix if issues arise and should always be attempted before engaging a technician to visit your location. 

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