Rite Aid

Under Corporate Umbrella Customer Number: 0-108

Service Rate: 125.00 an hour.

Rotation Location:

PO Need or Approval Information: PO # sent via e-mail to svc dist list

Additional Customer Information: Service requests come in without a DNE and include a troubleshooting service call. If additional equipment is needed, Dawn needs to approve.

Main Contact: Dawn Austin Phone 717-214-8564 Cell Phone Fax Email: <>

Alternate Contact: Pam Garhart - Project Team Lead Ready Clinic (she can answer any questions or direct you to the correct person) Phone Cell Phone Fax 717.761.2633 x5641 only in emergency 717.608.1986 Email

If you need technical support from the on-call help line after 5pm est. please call 248-668-3100 option #8. Pro-Motion Certificate of Completion must be signed by MOD and completed in full for payment. 

The device should output on HDMI by default, but if you need to change between 720p and 1080p, please press the button labeled “video mode”. This can be be found on the very bottom row of buttons, 2nd from the left. Pressing this will alternate between 720p and 1080p outputs on the player.

For MVIX support email Support | Mvix <> CAll:  866 310 4923 


SO 1452597 has redi clinic equipment list on it

Item #

SA752PU- Peerless Articulating Mount $250.00

DM40E- Samsung 40" LED Display $844.00

42500- C2G HDMI to HDMI Cable $5.80

15178- C2G Cat5 UTP Patch Cable $2.50



New TV for RiteAid pharmacy waiting:
SC-2212 sell: $206.25 - this is an un-mounted TV
211 Dish Receiver: sell $120

Equipment Approval requests need to be sent to and


Jennifer I Tardif

Technical Support Analyst- Field Systems Support

PH: 717-791-6416


All service requests have a NTE of $250. If you need to charge more than $250, send request to and

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