The screens on my kiosk are reversed

This condition will result if the display is booted in the incorrect order.  The booting sequence includes the powering on of the PC as well as the displays in a particular order.



  1. Press the power button on the HP Z30 Desktop PC.
  2. Each display should have its own remote control. Use the remotes to turn on the displays in this order:
    • Primary Display (the touchscreen)
    • Secondary Display (the glare simulator)

Alternatively, with the Primary Display you may use the power button located on the back of the display (see below).



If the steps above are followed, the following sequence should appear on the Primary Display:


  1. Windows starts up, automatically logs in and opens the Launcher Application.
  2. The Launcher Application checks the connection to the Wind and Reflective Glare simulators and resets them to a neutral state.  At this time you may hear the dampers close in the Wind Simulator.
  3. The Explorer Application is launched, initiating the Startup Animation and followed by the Attract Loop Animation





Turning off the EC2 is a very simple process—simply press the power button on the front of the Desktop PC.

During shutdown, the Explorer and Launcher applications will close, Windows will
shut down and the PC will power off.

The Displays should turn off automatically. If the Displays remain on use the provided remote controls to turn them off.

Note: Be sure to wait until all video/glare simulations are finished playing before pressing the power button, otherwise the Wind or Glare Simulators could remain on after the EC2 is shut down. If this happens, you can often remedy the situation by turning the PC back on, checking to make sure all video content has finished playing, then turning the PC off again.




For more information on supporting this display, click here to access the display manual.


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