SWAS Promotional Screens

Promotion Technology Group is honored to support the Windows Store Within a Store experience at Best Buy.  We are responsible to help you with two display screens in the area, and the media players and content that feed them.

There are other elements in the space (fixtures, technology, lighting) that is supported by others.  To seek assistance with things other than the screens we support you must send an email to:



Below are two digital signage screens supported by Promotion.


Screen 1 - 46" NEC screen.  CELabs MP700 media player.  Windows 10 Content (click to download)

Screen 2 - 42" NEC screen.  CELabs MP700 media player.  MSFT WDA Content (click to download)

NOTE: THe SD card slot is located behind a small pivoting door on the end of the MP700. A single screw holds the door shut.  Removing the screw will allow access to the card slot.



To update content:

  1. Download the appropriate link from above using a PC (not a Mac).
  2. Once the file is downloaded, unzip the file.  Place the unzipped folder AS IS right onto a blank, formatted USB Drive.
  3. Insert a blank, formatted SD card in the side of the player (see below) if there is not a card already installed.
  4. With the CE Labs player 'on', insert the USB drive into either open USB port on the back of the unit.
  5. Copy/transfer of content will begin automatically.  Do not remove the USB drive until the full playlist has played and started over.


For best results, be sure to use an SD card with specifications matching the one in this photo:


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