Updating content from USB

Start by inserting the USB flash drive into the tablet on the back.


A) Copy the files from the USB

  • Press the back button (back of tablet, center)


  • Tap “ES File Explorer”


  • Tap on [usb_storage] on left hand menu, under the “Local” heading


  • Press and hold on the folder icon [com.promotion.oncontrols] to highlight the folder


  • Select [Copy] on the bottom menu bar


  • Tap on [Home] on the left menu


  • Tap on [Android] folder icon


  • Tap on [Data] folder icon


  • Tap [Paste] from the bottom menu


  • If you get a modal window with the option to overwrite, tick the checkbox that says “Apply to all” and select [Overwrite]


  • As files are copying over, progress bars will be displayed. Watch the progress bars to see when the files have completed copying over.



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