The app is running but the lights are not changing

A)  Is the Bridge on?

  • Check to see that the blue ring in the center of the bridge is lit, and that the power indicator is on.


B)  Is there a network connection?

  • Check to see that the network indicator on the bridge is on
  • Check the USB dongle and see that the green network indicators are lit.


C)  Exit the application

  • Exit out of the current App by tapping once to exit video demo mode, then tapping the blue “Learn More” icon on the bottom navigation.


  • Tap once anywhere on the 3 bulb screen to continue.


  •  Tap again anywhere on the one bulb screen to continue.



  • Tap the middle icon labeled 'Hue Tap' in the top row of icons.


  • Touch on the single dot button near the Philips logo on the “hue Tap” product shown in the product photo on the left half of the page (see photo detail below).


  • Enter Pin Number:  0443


  • Tap on the Exit door icon in the lower right


  • In the upper right of the screen are three dots in a vertical column. Touch the dots to open a dropdown menu.  Select [Exit] and then [Yes]


  • Enter password: 11223344.    Tap [Confirm]


  • Select option to [Exit Pulse Player]


  • Occasionally, the last step will deposit you on a blue screen with very few icons. To exit, tap the small circle with dots at the bottom of the screen to be taken to the home screen.  If the screen already shows the 'Home' page (lots of app icons), skip to the next step.


D)  Launch the Philips Hue app

  • Tap the 'hue' icon to launch the app


E)  Reconnect the lights through the hue app




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